Some men need to have sex in a certain position to be able to ejaculate and experience an orgasm. It is not a physiological thing; it is a psychological hang up. Many men feel that they are overpowered when a woman is on top, and it seems to go against their masculinity. They need to be on top all the time, and may even want to hold their partner’s arms or hands to control them even further. For some people, sex is all about control. Many South London escorts like say that men who feel they need to dominate women, may have other hung ups as well. They may want to not be spoken to in a certain way, and often don’t like their partners answering them. The group of South London escorts I spoke to said that they had never been physically treated badly by a man with this problem, but most South London escorts did say that they felt uncomfortable around them. Here at Better Sex we decided to ask Dr. Annie Bliss about this interesting issue, and she said she found the findings from the South London escorts interesting. It is not only South London escorts who express this issue but many other ladies feel the same way. So, what is going on here Dr. Bliss?
Blame Mummy
According to Dr. Bliss many of these men have had a very dominant woman in their lives at one time or the other. It is often their mother, and she may have not abused them, but she may have been a very strict mom. This has marked a spot on their psyche, and many of them are now rebelling through their sexuality. It is their way of saying to themselves: “Look mom, see what I can do. I can be dominating as well”. It does not mean that they are dangerous, it means that they need to be in control. When they were at home with their mothers, they were not in control and had no way to take control. The only way they had to take control was when masturbating, and often at those times, they dreamed about being in control.
Cave Men
Cave men were in control, and today is psychology we recognize that a very small part of our brain, still functions in cave man mode. Sex back then was about survival and creating as many off-spring as possible. Some women did not want to have sex, and they were therefore forced to try to dominate them. One way of achieving that was to pin them down, and has sort of become a part of our collective memory. Some men still need to be able to dominate a woman just because their instincts are telling them that this is the way to go about things.
It can also be down to sexual preference. A lot of men just like having sex whilst being on top, just as many women like to have a man on top. There are even women who cannot achieve orgasm whilst being on top, and need to be under the man. A lot of women still get excited and turned on when a man grabs hold of her hands and arms, so there is nothing really wrong with men on top. Our sexual needs and desires vary a great deal, and it is important to recognize our individual differences.