Brixton escorts on stuttering to be nice

Why do we make such a big deal of various physical problems? I date a gentleman here at Brixton escorts like who has a speech problem. He just stutters from time to time, and that is no big deal to me at all. I often find that we don’t deal with physical problems very well, and I call it stuttering to be nice. We really do need to do with things a lot better and be able to talk to each other more about problems.


A friend of mine will not go out with a person with a physical handicap at all, and I think that is wrong. Okay a stutter may not be such a big deal, but many of the other physical handicaps that we come across are not that bad neither. I really think that we should learn to accept each other a bit more. Yes, it is hard for some people, but I am happy to date all sorts of guys here at Brixton escorts.


Brixton escorts

Brixton escorts

The guy who comes to see me at Brixton escorts with the stutter is dead sexy. I totally adore him, and I even find his stutter sexy. The thing is that stuttering can be kind of sexy. Not all of the girls may find a stutter sexy, but I have to admit that it really turns me on, and I love the way this guy looks at me. He has these really sorrowful puppy dog eyes and I think that is the ultimate turn on. I can just spend all night looking into those eyes, and sometimes I just lose myself in them.


I am not sure when I started to find out what I think of a sexy. When I was a lot younger, I did have a boyfriend with a stutter so I suppose it may come from that. Also, I find men with a broken arm really sexy but I am not sure where that idea has come from as well. It is strange how all of this pops into your head and all of a sudden you are stuck with a bunch of weird fantasies.


Fortunately, we get to meet a good cross section of people at Brixton escorts and that is just great. When I worked for another agency in London, I dated a lot of businessmen, but things are different here at Brixton escorts. I meet up with a lot of local guys and I am sure that it makes my work at Brixton escort agency more interesting. It is nice to be able to meet local people, and sometimes I see them when I am away from the agency. If you like to meet up with a friendly local girl, just give me a call here at Brixton escort services. I am sure that we can have some fun together. If you like, you can tell me what you like to do, but if you don’t mind, I have some of my own ideas that I like to tell you about.