Do escorts kiss and tell?

I am often asked if escorts kiss and tell. To be honest, I am sure that there are some escorts who like to kiss and tell. Just look at the politician Jeffrey Archer, he ended up in the papers after dating escorts. The only problem is that I think that he was set up by the papers. I am not so sure that the girl would have done it unless she was paid to do so. She sold her story, and I have this funny feeling that she had already been paid a fortune to do so.

Most of the girls here at Earls Court escorts would probably not kiss and tell unless their dates really upset them. Quite a few Earls Court escorts do date some well to do gents, but I am not sure that they think it is in their interest to kiss and tell. The end result would be that you lost all over your dates, and I don’t that you would have very much of a few in the escorts service. Most agencies here in London would probably not want to touch with a barge pole, and not a lot of gents would want to date you.

thinking about earls court escorts

thinking about earls court escorts

When I look at things, I think that a lot of people who sell Kiss and Tell stories to the papers, make a rod for their own back. Very few girls, and no Earls Court escorts, have sold their stories to the papers. It gives you a kind of a bad name, and there are too many people who have committed adultery or indiscretions to make it exciting any way. Even a former President of the United States got away with it, and I am sure that many others have as well.

Most of the gents that I date at Earls Court escorts are not married, so it is not such a big deal. I am sure that my friends here at the agency look at things very much in the same way. If we dated a famous person, and sold the a story, we would lose our jobs. I think that the fall out would be really bad. Unless, you could make about a million quid, I am not so sure it is worth the hassle, and I have no intention of getting in touch with the papers about famous dates that I have enjoyed.

Quite a few business men, and well known characters, do date escorts, but I am sure that they ask their girls to be discreet. Not only that, but these guys tend to leave massive tips. In a way, this big tips are hush money, and I know that. If a rich guy left me massive tip, there is no way that I would say anything to anybody. You would lose out on all of those future big tips, and at the same time, I am sure that you would make yourself a few enemies in the process. There is no way that I would want to do that.

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