How did things go wrong with us

They sat opposite me in my office – another young couple who married only two or three years ago and are now wondering how and why everything seems a mess, Wandsworth Escorts of says. Once they are so desperate in love, they can hardly bear to separate on their working day. Everyone – friends, family, even strangers – look at them and see “perfect partners”.

And they really look perfect, Wandsworth Escorts. In fact, I look at Ken and Barbie, who are still alive. But they were unhappy, wondering if their marriage was a terrible mistake, and wondered if there was hope to save what had previously looked like an ideal fate. How can it be so bad?

When people fall in love (and older couples are not immune to it), scientists have discovered biochemical changes that occur. They are literally “high” in the chemistry of love. This experience is well documented by poets, songwriters and clinical researchers, Wandsworth Escorts. The problem is that these chemical changes are temporary and require an average of 18 months. The body then finds normal balance or homeostasis again. He just can’t stand the attack of this chemical in the long run.

Then what happen? For many people, they are in my office (or another therapist). Inevitably, it is clear that even if they are involved in all the pleasurable pleasures of falling in love, they are negligent in looking for worldly problems of daily life that must be dealt with sooner or later, Wandsworth Escorts.

These problems can be as simple as those in the morning and others not, or people who really care about healthy eating and others – for food addicts. Sometimes people believe that marriage is an extraordinary tool for bad behaviour. It’s amazing how many people think their partners are more polite, less drinkable, get more help, and so on, Wandsworth Escorts.

Why does someone arrive at such a conclusion? Marriage is not a magic wand! Marriage also suddenly makes them more careful about how they spend money, or now fully agree with religion, politics, investment, framing, or other points of view or opinions or become more interested in sex, love your family just like you love yourself, or you call it. I can continue and continue, Wandsworth Escorts.

If that’s just wisdom, I would say to people who are considering marriage, that’s all: if the couple meets, they usually have the best behaviour because they try to impress and win, Wandsworth Escorts. If there are behaviours, differences, peculiarities or harassment that affect you before marriage, you can be sure that it will make you more worried!

Imagine all of these features in a few years after the chemicals have been gone for a long time, there are difficulties with their parents who just find out that their work is removed, the caregiver is sick and your partner has placed 30 pounds of marriage!

Is he desperate? Of course not. Marriage is an extraordinary institution and he is very happy. But about half ended in divorce, and the other half was unhappy, Wandsworth Escorts. As with many things in life, it is important to see forests for trees. This is quite difficult if the forest is soaked with this chemical dew.


Therefore, before you say “I know”, talking to an independent third party can help you see about the chemical fog and see the practical problems that you might face in your life together. The best way I know to convince you that you are ready to live a very long and happy life together, Wandsworth Escorts.