London escorts

Working as an escort, you get asked all sorts of questions. This week has been a week of questions and answers. Actually, I feel like I have been on Mastermind a couple of times. Never mind, I have managed to muddle through. Working for London escorts can certainly be rather interesting as not only do you get to have some fun, you get to meet interesting people from all over the world. Recently I seem to have dated a lot of international business men, and they like to know all sorts of things. Sometimes I even feel that I am a guide to London.

My last gent for the week has just left, so I thought I would update my online diary quickly. Now, this gent wanted to know where London escorts buy their lingerie. He had noticed from the publicity photos on the web site that us London girls seem to wear a lot of attractive lingerie. I personally pride myself on wearing nice lingerie, and I have to say that I spend quite a lot of money on my lingerie. My other fetish is shoes, and I do spend a lot of money on buying shoes as well.

Most of my lingerie actually comes from regular department stores. Some UK based department stores such as Debenhams do some nice bits and pieces. If you hunt around a little, you will soon realize that there are some interesting lingerie designer in the UK. On occasion they design some special collections for shops like Debenhams. That is normally when I go shopping for some of the lingerie that I wear when I work for London escorts. A lot of the lingerie from Debenhams is off excellent quality, and looks really great on. It washes nicely, and lasts for a long time.

There are quite a few select lingerie shops around London as well. The only problem is that they tend to be really expensive. I know that some of my colleagues here at London escorts do use them, but they must have more money than I do. I stick to the department stores, and on occasion I do shop online. Shopping on lingerie online is a super alternative as you can get some great bargains, but you have to be careful with quality. The lingerie thatyou buy online is not always of great quality so I am very selective in which stores I use online.

I enjoy shopping but I can’t spend all of my life doing, it would just get boring and cost me too much money. Most London escorts are not very frugal but I tend to be rather frugal. It is just the way I was brought up. my mom always encouraged me to save a lot and that is what I have continued to do. Still, there you. Another exciting entry from a London escort and I never mentioned any of my dates once. They are always so worried that I am going to write about them.