Sex Positions That Excite Your Partner

Lovemaking is not just about intercourse. It’s about you and your partner having a great time with sex. There are several positions that you can try to get that OMG O’s for both men and women.

The Doggy

This is when he thrusts himself into a woman from behind her. Some even testify that this is the most pleasurable possible for both men and women. It playful and penetrates deep, and for women, it gives them control on movements. For men, this position amplifies their desire to thrust harder and in sync with his partner.


The man on top position can be a basic but if combined with techniques, it can be very pleasurable. Place a pillow under her butt for deeper penetration. For women, try squeezing your legs tighter together. This stimulates your clitoris for every thrust and can really send wild sensations all over your body. Men can also try out different angles of penetration on this position, which creates more friction.


The man lying down and the woman straddles him, showing him how she moves and how her body responds. It’s a position where a woman can have control on how deep the penetration can be at start. The position allows friction with the clitoris on any angle and stimulates the G-spot fast.

Reverse Cowgirl

Similar to the cowgirl position, only difference is that the woman faces her back on her man. It penetrates on a different angle and can be highly pleasurable for both.


This position allows men to penetrate without much effort, and the butt sets some control on how deep it goes. Most lovers love this position because it’s light and easy, can be for women who love sex but doesn’t want some hard play. This position concentrates in penetration of the front of the vagina which can easily trigger nerve responses.

Ankles Up

A version of the missionary position, but this time, put her ankles top of your shoulders. This allows her to open up to you for full penetration and possibly hitting the G-spot. Another variation is you can bend her knees and rest her feet on your chest.

Erotic V

One of the best sex positions in Kama Sutra that allows maximum penetration. Sit on a sofa or table with your leg hanging on the edge. Let your man penetrate you either standing or kneeling position, and then place your legs in front and your ankles on his shoulders. For more fun visit at city of eve.