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When I was younger I always used to date guys with figure salaries but now I have learned that money is not that important. Most of my London escorts friends in did exactly the same thing. We only went for the big bucks and not for the love. To be honest, I am as guilty as my London escorts friends – I think that we all confused money with love at one stage. We thought that the boys who took us out on the most expensive dates were the ones for us. Believe me, love has very little to do with money.

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When you are around rich men it is very easy to confuse love with money. To a certain extent I think men with 6 figure salaries do the same, and this is one of the reasons they date London escorts. You can’t pay for love but this is exactly what I think these boys are forgetting but I am pretty sure that London escorts remember just that. After all, there is a reason why you pay an escort for her time and her companionship, but can you pay for genuine love? I don’t think so, and if you try to, the relationship will probably fall apart.

So, does all of this give London escorts a skew-whiff meaning of love? I think it does and many of my London escorts friends are still getting confused between love and money. In their private lives they like to date guys who have big fat wallets and nice bank accounts. They often ask what kind of cars they have and if they own their own homes. This is often a sign of someone trying to figure out how much money you have, and what you are worth. It is a bit of a bad habit and we should be focusing on the person instead.

But, is there a more fundamental reason. Many cheap escorts in London have good salaries and some of them even earn six figure salaries every year. I wonder if they are becoming insecure and feel that they need to date men who they can meet on their own terms so to speak. London escorts don’t want to feel awkward when going shopping in top London stores and they don’t want to have to explain that nice car away. Could it be that a lot of London escorts are just seeing these guys as their equals.

How much is a six figure salary anyway? If you earn £100,000 and live in London, it may not be all that much money. London is a really expensive place to live, and you would have to save pretty hard to buy your own place on that sort of salary. Some of my London escorts friends say that they would be a bit unlikely to want to date a guy who earns £100,000. What is it worth after tax anyway? That is exactly how many London escorts think, and you would be surprised, but these girls are pretty smart and at the same time a bit cunning.

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