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Not only do we know marry persons from outside our own ethnic group, we also marry people from a different age group altogether. Age differences can sometimes be as difficult to deal with as cultural ones, and it is easy to forget that we often have different points of view. A woman marrying an older man may not be marrying a father figure, but she can be marrying someone who has a very different back ground to herself.

At first this may not seem to matter, but it is one of those things that can become a big problem later on. You may not agree on such simple matters as food or cooking, the way you handle money can be totally different as well. Age gaps can cause many problems in a marriage, and there are more than one disastrous relation story Kensington escorts from

Age matters a lot even though we don’t initially think so say the experts at Kensington escorts. My friend married an older man, he was actually 21 years older than her. She was very young and desperately in love with him. She didn’t think that age mattered at first in the beginning but she was soon to find out different. This was not going to be a relationship story with a happy ending.

My friend Jane did not realize that she wasn’t actually in love with the man. She was in love with his confident manner and his lifestyle. Being in love with a lifestyle which offers you many of the creature comforts you have longed for all your life, is not what makes a marriage work,.

To her horror she was going to find out that age mattered a lot.

His Family.

John had been married before and had two children from a previous marriage. Jane didn’t mind the children but when John’s ex-wife fell ill, she ended up looking after the children.

John was an international sales representative for a large pharmaceutical company, and traveled the world between Mondays to Friday every week. Jane, who was only 21, ended up looking after the children as well as holding down her own job during the week. This situation went on for five weeks whilst John’s ex-wife recovered from a back operation. Needless to say, she had very little support during the week, and the responsibility of looking after an 11 year old girl and 8 year old boy, quickly became overwhelming.

At the end of the day they were not her children, but yet John’s entire family seemed to expect it of her. Ideas on childcare and whose responsibility the children really were soon became apparent.

Always there.

When John came home from his business trips abroad, he always expected Jane to be available. If she had made arrangements to see friends or her family at the weekend, he expected her to cancel them. Her life and beautiful home with John soon started to feel like a prison, and everything that she had dreamed of wasn’t so great after all. John wanted them to spend time with his friends, and had no time for her life at all.