Top Two Yoga Positions for Better Sex

Experiencing a really good quality orgasm is not always easy. It takes a little bit of work to find the G-spot in the first place, and once you have found it you need it to go off with a pop. How can you make sure that your partner really enjoy what you are doing, and make sure that she experiences a really good quality orgasm?

Cheap Escorts from say that experiencing a good quality orgasm for women is not always easy, and it takes quite a bit of training to get there. A lot of london escorts practise yoga, and they say that some yoga positions have helped them to achieve better quality orgasms when they are at home with their partners.

If you have a copy of the Kama Sutra at home, you should perhaps sit down and study it a bit closer. Some positions in the Kama Sutra are very close to certain yoga poses or positions. It is all a matter of interpretation, and london escorts recommend that you should perhaps try practising some yoga to improve your sex health.

A lot of yoga positions are great for hip openers and relaxing the entire pelvic area and floor. There also ways in which you can heighten the pleasure for your partner.

Women’s nipples are very sensitive, and scientists have discovered a second G-spot close to the nipple. It can be a good idea to stimulate this G-spot at the same as you stimulate the one close to the vagina.

However, Sex Expert and Tantric yoga enthusiast Dr. Annie Bliss has promised to share some of her favourite yoga positions which can also be used when trying to hit the G-Spot. Our panel of escorts have tried these positions, and all three escorts say that they worked great for them.

Sitting Astride Your Partner

For this position the man needs to sit on the floor or in the bed. Wrap you legs around his lower back, and let him come inside you.

Make yourself comfortable by sitting very upright, slightly gripping his penis with the muscles of your vagina. Move slowly up and down whilst he presses his fingers gently into the bottom of the spine.

This is a great exercise as your partner is helping you to engage your pelvic floor nerves and stimulate you even further. It also opens up the pelvis for deeper and better penetration. The movements should not be forceful but they should be gentle, and you should be careful that your partner remains inside you at all times.

The escorts who tried this positions said that it was very easy to experience a deep orgasm, and at the same time very relaxing.

Down Dog

Even people who are not into yoga are familiar with the Down Dog pose. It is part of the Sun Salutations poses, and very easy to learn.

The lady needs to stand up and bend over forward until she can touch the floor with the palms of her hands completely flat. The man stand behind her, and penetrates her from behind. The movements here need to be rhythmical and controlled to hit the G-spot and give your partner a sensational orgasm.

At the same time reach down and touch your female partner’s stomach. Slowly pull the lower part of her pelvis towards you and move inside her. This is a wonderful position for both parties, and our panel of London escorts said that they and their partners really enjoyed it.

There are of course many other positions, but be honest with me… when was the last time you read the Kama Sutra? Perhaps you should get a copy and invest in a book about partner yoga at the same time. Now, can you tell the difference?